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Susan L. Crowe, M.D.    (no longer in practice with Midwest Wellness Health Center)

Ronald A. Masukawa, D.C., F. I.A.M.A

Midwest Wellness Health Center

Dr. Ronald A. Masukawa graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in 1993 and completed an additional Clinical Practice Residency through an accelerated post-graduate studies program.  Dr. Masukawa began his career in a group practice in Crystal Lake, IL.  And for over 20 years he continues his pursuit of excellence in internal disorders, women's health, fertility, pediatrics, ergonomics and acupuncture.

He also maintained a  practice in Rockford for 13 years at Northern Illinois Medical Group where he was involved in the progressive care of patients utilizing both medical and holistic therapy.  Dr. Masukawa resigned his position in 2013, in order to focus and develop his practice in Crystal Lake.

Continuing education is important to keep up with medical advances, innovations and technology.  Dr. Masukawa completed a 2 year diplomate program in Pediatrics.  This training has allowed him to provide more options in the care of expectant mothers, infants and children of all ages.  One area of focus has been fertility protocals.  Not only does he work closely with the hopeful mother during the pre-and perinatal stages, but also with the fetus, ensuring proper development and birthing.

Acupuncture has been an integral part of Dr. Masukawa's practice.  It is often incorporated into treatment protocols for back and joint pain, muscle pain and weakness, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, vertigo, fertility, mood disorders, anxiety and many other conditions.  It is applied through the use of fine needles or for those with an aversion to needles, with laser or microstim.

Worker's compensation and personal injury cases have always been a part of the clinic's caseload.  Because of this, Dr. Masukawa gained certification in Motor Vehicle Injury and Crash Dynamics.  This training has proven invaluable in the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of patients and their documentation.

Dr. Susan Crowe has moved her practice to Florida and is no longer affiliated with this office.  We hope that someday her journey brings her back to us in Illinois.

Dr. Susan Crowe joined Midwest Wellness Health Center in 2012.  As a medical physician, she contributes her vast amount of knowledge and skill in the specialty of Family Practice, in which she is board certified.

Dr. Crowe obtained her Bachelor's of Science degree in Psychology while minoring in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Illinois-Chicago and Champaign Urbana in 1987.  She graduated from Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine in 1999.

Having worked with Dr. Masukawa in the Rockford clinic since 2010, along with her exposure to Natural Medicine, she has become well versed in Holistic Health Care.  As a primary care physician, she is able to assist in the management of numerous health issues.

Dr. Crowe continues to broaden her scope of practice by attending seminars and reviewing journal publications in pain management, pediatrics, cardiovascular disease, internal disorders and functional medicine.

Dr. Crowe has extensive research experience regarding studies of Alzheimer's and Operative Epileptic patients.  Her Licensure / Certifications include:

  • Diplomat of American Academy of Family Practice
  • Active Member of Illinois State Medical Association
  • Active Member of Civil Aerospace Medical Association
  • Fully Licensed to Practice Medicine in Illinois - no restrictions
  • American Academy of Family Practice Board Certified 07/2002
  • Emergency Response Training

      -- B.L.S. -- A.C.L.S. -- A.T.L.S. -- P.A.L.S. -- N.R.P. -- Aviation Physiology --

Professional Experiences / Awards

  • Illinois Department of Public Health Academic Scholarship to Medical School
  • Obstetric Mentoring Program -- one of three M1 students selected for observership
  • Training in Bradley Method of Pregnancy and Labor Management
  • Regional Adventist Health System Stroke Team
  • Parent liaison to Starnet Early Intervention Program for Children with Special Needs
  • Pediatric Gait Training - 12 week Practicum/Muscle Retraining in Post-Op Cerebral Palsy